Young Members Night

When:  Nov 16, 2021 from 18:00 to 20:00 (ET)
Associated with  Cleveland Chapter Community

Young Members Night
Tuesday 11/16/21

Special Topic: Simulating Heat Treatment of Steel Parts
Speaker: Justin Sims
This is a hybrid meeting – join us online or in person

Toscana Party Center
4972 E 71st St.
Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44125

6 pm Evening start
7 pm Presentation start
8 pm Evening finish

Dinner Cost:
Members and Guests $20
Retirees $10
Students $5
Online Attendees are Free

Dinner Selections:
Dinner will be a buffet
Drinks are included


ASM Cleveland Chapter’s November technical meeting is designated as Young Members Night and will feature a presentation by one of our prominent young members, Justin Sims of Dante Solutions. The meeting will be a face-to-face social event. Chapter leadership is encouraging all members to engage in helping our Chapter promote the return to our traditional social meetings with direct interaction and networking. To assist in promoting member attendance, the registration fee for the dinner meeting is being reduced to only $20 for members, and $10 for students. We encourage all members to join us at the Toscana Party Center and participate in networking and interacting with fellow professionals. For those who cannot attend, you can register for online participation to obtain a link to hear the presentation by Justin Sims online via RingCentral. 

For those attending online via RingCentral, there is no registration fee, but you must register to participate.  The confirmation e-mail will contain information needed to join the meeting.

Heat treatment of steel parts involves complex metallurgical events.  Since virtually every product made from the many available steel alloys goes through some type of thermal processing during its manufacture, it is important to be able to account for the effects of the processing steps on microstructure, stress state and part dimensions.  Computer modeling, more specifically finite element analysis, provides a means of simulating these metallurgical events so that hardness, metallurgical phase fractions, residual stress, and part dimensions can be accurately predicted.   FEA provides the calculation framework, but because of the phase transformations and corresponding changes in mechanical and thermal properties that occur during heating and cooling of steel alloys, nonstandard material models and the necessary data to drive the models are required.  This talk will present a series of case studies that illustrate the material data and process parameters needed to simulate commercial heat treat processes for steel parts, as well as the challenges surrounding obtaining the required data.

Speaker: Justin Sims

Justin Sims is Senior Engineer at DANTE Solutions. He is a graduate Mechanical Engineer from Cleveland State University. After interning at DANTE Solutions for several years, he joined as a full time employee in 2016. His project work includes development and execution of carburization, nitriding, and quench hardening simulations of steel components, analysis of heat treat racks and fixtures, and also has taken on marketing and sales chores. He has developed the DANTE HELP package for both ABAQUS and ANSYS versions of the software, and he is the primary trainer and software support person for the DANTE software. Justin was the lead engineer for designing and building the DANTE Controlled Gas Quenching (DCGQ) prototype unit. This system was developed to minimize distortion of quenched parts made of high hardenability steels, while still achieving the required properties and performance. 

In his spare time, Justin enjoys hiking, camping, driving, and attending concerts across the entire U.S.


Toscana Party Center
4972 E 71st St
Cuyahoga Heights, OH 44125