New ASM Technology Offering: Reduce Carburization Cycle Time by 25% with ASM Data Ecosystem

When:  Feb 15, 2023 from 18:00 to 21:00 (ET)
Associated with  Cleveland Chapter Community
February 2023 Students Night
Wednesday, February 15th
Special Topic: New ASM Technology Offering: Reduce Carburization Cycle Time by 25% with ASM Data Ecosystem
Speaker: Nate Bulcroft

Toscana Party Center
4972 E 71st St
Cleveland, OH 44125

This is a hybrid meeting.  Join us online or in person. 

Meeting Starts:
6 pm
Presentation: 7 pm
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Dinner Cost:
Members and Guests $25
Retirees $15
Students $10
Online Attendees are Free

ASM Data Ecosystem provides a custom and secure workspace with the computational power required to run advanced simulations including machine learning, process and product optimization, and materials design, to tackle tough problems quickly with minimal investment.
This presentation will focus on a carburizing heat treatment process with complexities that make optimization of the entire cycle daunting. Utilizing Simulations & Analytical Tools within the ASM Data Ecosystem, we will demonstrate how to optimize, and minimize total carburizing cycle-times to reduce process costs.
During this webinar, attendees gain valuable insights to:

  • Process simulation tools like DANTE Solutions, are well suited for 1 or 2 variable optimization, but are not well suited for visualizing highly complex, multi-dimensional situations.  
  • Advanced analytical platforms like SmartUQ allow for creation of powerful machine learning models that simplify informed decision making in the face ofhighly complex process and materials options, with variation, or uncertainty,incorporated into the decision-making process.
  • The interoperability of DANTE Solutions Gcarb software and the SmartUQ machine learning and uncertainty quantification platform.

Nate Bulcroft, Commercial Director at ASM International will present this compelling use-case and provide some background on the goals and objectives of the ASM Data Ecosystem. Nate is Commercial Director at ASM International and works with the print and digital product teams to offer reliable, high-quality, and innovative product offerings to our Members and the entire engineering community. He is also responsible for helping grow the ASM Corporate Membership program to strengthen ASM’s presence within Member organizations and deliver comprehensive solutions across all levels of businesses. From the inception of the ASM Data Ecosystem, Nate has served as the Commercial Leader of the initiative and has now been tasked with leading the business moving forward.
Nate has a B.B.A. in Operations and Supply Chain Management from Cleveland State University. A large part of his career was spent at a Cleveland-based, large industrial gearing manufacturer, Horsburgh & Scott (H&S). Starting off at H&S as a Reliability Technician with vibration analysis training, he worked his way up in the organization holding various sales and operations roles, where he eventually became the Director of Sales for the business. His time in manufacturing helped him connect especially well with the Industry focused majority of the ASM community.


Toscana Party Center
4972 E 71st St
Cleveland, OH 44125