Legal & Policies

ASM International is a Society of professionals who have come together to accomplish great works for the common good which cannot be achieved independently. The maximum value ASM can bring to its members and society can be achieved by working at the intersection of Design, Structural Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Materials. The shared values of transparency, integrity, technical excellence, diversity, and constancy of purpose are the great enablers. To that end, ASM International has implemented the following policies to guide its own operations and to set expectations for individual conduct within the community.  

Complaints or Concerns

If a Member has a complaint or concern with ASM, including but not limited to, Member status or the conduct of another Member(s) or third parties, the Member may contact ASM International Member Services through phone at 440-338-5151 or email at

Report your issues and concerns anonymously to:


ASM ID Number 7446018727

**This ID Number is required to submit a report