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Our chapter is a joint chapter with the Central Illinois Chapter of AFS and ASM Peoria.  We jointly sponsor technical meetings and activities in the Peoria area.   

Chapter History

The Peoria Chapter of ASM was formed in 1934.  

"After several months of effort by a group of area men with a strong interest in metals, their processing, and treatment a meeting was held on November 2, 1934. This meeting of the "Peoria Group" was held to elect temporary officers and to receive a welcome from ASM Vice President Mr. Robert S. Archer and ASM Secretary Mr. William H. Eisenman."

On November 9, 1934 the "Peoria Group" was chartered by the ASM Board of Trustees as the Peoria Chapter of ASM.  There were 112 Charter members, and the Chapter covered an area within roughly a 100 mile radius of Peoria Illinois. 

            Chairman                      E.J.P Fisher

                                                Physical Metallurgist

                                                Keystone Steel & Wire Co.


            Vice Chairman               G.C. Riegel

                                                Chief Metallurgist

                                                Caterpillar Tractor Co.


Other officers and Executive Committee members were from Caterpillar, Pekin Foundry, Malleable Foundry and Herschel Manufacturing.

The first Peoria Chapter ASM meeting was held December 3, 1934.  Dinner was $0.56 per plate. 

By the end of the 1940 Chapter year:

·         ASM had 51 Chapters and 10,893 members

·         The Peoria Chapter had 160 members

Statistical Trivia:

·         By the end of the 1950 Chapter Year, the Peoria Chapter had 199 members and dinner cost had risen to $1.60

·         In the next decade, ASM had over 30,000 members and some Peoria Chapter members formed the Sangamon Valley Chapter.  There was a 1959 joint Metal Congress and Exposition in Chicago, with single room starting at $8 per night.

·         At the end of the 1970 Chapter Year, the Peoria Chapter had 355 members and 32 sustaining members.  Meeting attendance for the 1969-1970 Chapter year ranged from 74 to 121.