When:  Sep 27, 2023 from 17:30 to 21:30 (PT)
Associated with  Los Angeles Chapter Community

Improving life expectancy of Reinforced Concrete Structures using Migrating Corrosion Inhibitors  


Corrosion is one of the primary concerns in the durability of materials and structures. Research efforts have been made to find a corrosion inhibition process to prolong the life of existing structures and minimize corrosion damages in new structures. Migrating Corrosion Inhibitor technology was developed to protect the embedded steel rebar/concrete structure. In this talk the focus will be on the improving life expectancy of reinforced concrete. Concrete provides excellent protection for embedded steel because Portland cement is very alkaline, forming a passive, protective layer on the steel surface. Concrete is also permeable, and even good-quality concrete can be penetrated by aggressive chemical ions that may initiate steel corrosion. Migrating corrosion inhibitors (MCIs), a blend of amine carboxylates and amino alcohols, show versatility as admixtures, surface treatments (coatings) and in rehabilitation programs.  In this presentation, it will be re-affirmed that the most cost efficiency method is the use migrating corrosion inhibitor admixture to improve durability of reinforced steel concrete structures in aggressive environments. 




Dr. Behzad Bavarian, FNACE,  is Mory Ejabat Endowed chair and professor in the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management Department at California State University in Northridge, and Director of W. M Keck Advanced Materials Laboratory,   

Dr. Bavarian received his PhD. degree in Metallurgical Engineering at The Ohio State University in 1980.  His field of research is corrosion and failure analysis, he is the author/co-author of over 316 journal and conference papers.  He is Fellow NACE and recipient of the 2012 NACE International, Technical Achievement Award for contribution to corrosion and corrosion engineering, 2008 SFV Engineer’s Council Outstanding Instructor of the Year Award, and John J. Guarrera Engineering Educator of the Year Award


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