When:  Nov 28, 2023 from 17:30 to 21:00 (PT)
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Abstract: The Forging industry and ASM in Southern California 1970-2015.

In the 1970’s the Southern California metals business was akin to the Wild West compared with today. Sales ran the show and metallurgists were the necessary evil. The salesmen dominated ASM, and our typical monthly meetings had 50-150 members present. For many of those early years, ASM ran the largest amateur golf tournament in Southern California and attracted many nationally recognized speakers. The atmosphere changed progressively driven by the technological demands of the large aerospace companies. Shultz went from building a 1650-ton open die press to a 40,000-ton closed die press, while a number of other companies in the area grew rapidly, too. There were large metal companies like Norris Industries, Martin Marietta, and Armco, who over the years have faded away. The age of metallurgy has given way to the new era of materials science.

Biography for Anthony Vinter

Born in Sheffield, England in 1937. Raised in meager surroundings through World War 2. Developed a passion for chemistry as a young teenager. Went to a technical high school where metalworking, casting, and mechanics were studied along with the standard high school curriculum. First job was in a steelmaking chemical laboratory. Went to night school to study metallurgy at Sheffield College of Technology (now Sheffield Hallam University). Took over 7 years to graduate with what is now an M.S. Married in 1962, and we both left for America in 1964. Landed in Houston, Texas with two suitcases and $10. First job was with Cameron Iron Works, now Wyman Gordon, a division of PCC. Worked on the melting and forging of INCO 718 alloy. In 1968, moved to New Jersey to help to develop a continuous casting process for stainless steel. In 1971, went back to Cameron Iron Works, working on process improvement of VIM and VAR melting of steels and nickel alloys. In 1973, Moved to Shultz Steel Company, which at that time had 30 employees. Started as Metallurgist and Quality Mgr. During the next forty years employees rose to 500 and I rose to be VP and General Manager. Now the company is in the good hands of PCC. During those 40 years, I spent many evening hours supporting the ASM LA chapter.


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